Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mai Tais on the Moon

Shortly after their first album "StereoExotique" was released, the Tikiyaki Orchestra and I decided to make a music video of "Mai Tais on the Moon". We chose the late, great Bahooka restaurant in Rosemead as our location. Both the band and myself had a very good relationship with the owners of Bahooka as this was right in the middle of shooting my documentary on the band and we had many visits to Bahooka during that time.

Now, I realize that this video is already all over the interweb at this point...but I felt it should also be on't you? honour of the upcoming fourth album, (which drops in August and will be available on vinyl as well)....the Tikiyaki Orchestra...(as directed by yours truly) -

Mai Tais on the Moon (music video by the Tikiyaki Orchestra) from Scott CatHop on Vimeo.

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