Friday, April 24, 2015

"The Lush Hour" - The Lost Documentary

In 2009, Marty Lush and I were developing a script for a "documentary" of the fictional 1960's variety show called "The Lush Hour". The premise of it was that Marty Lush had his own "Ed Sullivan-type" show on the air during the same time period as Ed's "really big show". Lush always seemed to scoop Ed on the big acts (i.e. Lush had The Beatles on a week before their appearance on Sullivan). The reoccurring problem was that Marty Lush was usually so drunk on the air that it would inevitably ruin the live telecast and most of the important acts would never be broadcasted. This lead to a fierce rivalry between the two variety that Sullivan didn't even know existed. We hashed out most of the gags and I wrote a skeletal structured script, but never came to be and that ship has sailed. It certainly made us laugh a lot when we were writing it, though... Here are a couple of the test photos from the backstory/history of Marty Lush -

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